Original Compositions

Morning Prayer of Patience – 2018

was written in reflection on Psalm 5. It became a necessary prayer for me at one point, specifically in the mornings to begin my day. It’s partly prayed in desperation, partly understood with hope.


A Door just opened on a street – 2018

was written in reflection of those abandoned and marginalized in society. There are many people in Long Beach and in the Greater Los Angeles area that long for deep relationship and are lacking, feeling abandoned. There are many people in our nation that have very little to live by, and desire comfort and rest. This piece is in honor of them, care for them, and a desire to see their needs fulfilled.

Caramel Leaves – 2017

is a string quartet that was written as the smell of the air grew crisper and the trees fell barer. It’s a musical attempt to capture how warm the coldest part of the year feels to me.

New Headspace – 2017

is a sax quartet that was written while I lacked inspiration and was frustrated with my position academically and musically. After a weekend of getting away from my music and studies, I was refreshed and inspired from spending time with God. I was able to have more grace on myself and live in a better headspace than before.

Palomar – 2016

was written after a week spent at Palomar Mountain, California.  My time there was used to learn from God’s word, spend time in worship, and grow closer to friends.  The outdoors, especially mountainous areas, always remind me of God’s awe-inspiring power and grandeur.  This harp piece is an attempt to capture that which I witnessed during that week.

waking in bright mourning – 2016

is a piece written during the time of my uncle’s struggle with alcoholism. The repercussions of this addiction were felt throughout my family, and I wasn’t aware until the time of rehabilitation. Being present during that weekend of intervention, rejection, and heart break caused me to understand the weight and lack of hope my family was feeling. I felt awakened to this side of my family, as it was usually something seldom spoken of. This piece is an outpour of prayer and empathy for my family and my uncle. There is light in this mourning.


Meddling with Destiny – 2018

is a short film written and directed by Abby Victor. I had the pleasure of composing and live-recording the score for this film along with my friend and cello player Natalie Do. Enjoy!

A El Efecto de la Música – 2016

was written in collaboration with dancer and choreographer, Sheena Castillo.  The multi-media production of choreography, music, and photography was intended to demonstrate the individual’s impact on community and focus on music as the catalyst.  More specifically, this piece was inspired by the Latino community in Los Angeles, California and their value of music, culture, and a family-based community.

Performance Recordings

The following recordings are performances in which my guitar playing is featured. All dates or years refer to when the music was performed, not composed.

Seven Years by Norah Jones – 2018

Midwestern Night’s Dream by Pat Metheny – 2018

Tangerine by Johnny Mercer and Victor Schertzinger – 2018

Without a Song by Vincent Youmans – 2018

The Rune of Hospitality by Alf Houkom – 2017

was performed with the Bob Cole Conservatory Chamber Choir.