Hi, my name is Paul.

I’m close to my family of both parents and three younger brothers. I grew up with them in Fresno, California. Whenever I’m in Fresno with all of them, it’s my most pure form of home. I’ve also spent a good part of my life in Southern California, specifically Santa Barbara and Long Beach. Santa Barbara is my second home, and Long Beach is my favorite city.

I’m currently attending California State University, Long Beach pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition and Jazz Studies. I have the privilege to be at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, the music department on campus, and I’m learning lots through the faculty and students there.

Music has taken me over seas to India and Cambodia. Partnering with ministries in each country, I’ve been able to use music to serve, teach, and encourage creative freedom and expression. This experience have been very formative in the way I see the globe and see my own musical voice.

I love being outside—anywhere from the Sierra Nevada’s, the beaches of Laguna, to Fresno’s parks. Nature, God’s creation, refreshes my mind and inspires my spirit to be creative.

I am Catholic, but have an ecumenical heart for the Body of Christ. Much of my music reflects my spiritual journey, and to me becomes an act of worship. Jesus is the inspiration for my creative process. I desire my music to reflect both the beautiful and desolate parts of the world we live in—both in which God is an active part of.

I hope that in this website you can get a glimpse of not just what I create, but why I create. Thank you for visiting.